Belongingness a human quest!


Pauline M’s write-up “Where I belong” (ST September 19, 2015) triggers a thought and makes me wonder if there is anything more important in this earth than the sense of belonging and of being accepted as a human being. Yes! A human being blessed with flesh and blood, a mind to think and understand, a heart to feel and a soul pure and pious. What are we but gifts and blessings from God? We may differ in the colour of our skin, our stature and height, caste and creed but our blood still wears the colour of red. Why is it then that we are making our lives so difficult and complicated every single day? Why this thirst, hunger and lust for power and control? Why this glaring demarcation and divide amongst human beings? Why these barriers which set apart one individual creation from the other? I look back at words like demarcation, divide, and barriers and realise that they are all man-made. They are the constructs of a mind that weaves a fabric of different hues and make; sadly through a fabric that fashions a wedge and one that diminishes the essence of mankind. We are all born free yet the moment we step into this earth we are brought face to face with the stark realities of distinctions, divisions and inequality.  Talking of inequality takes me to a conversation I had with senior professor, I respect and adore. She said that it is easier to do away with natural inequality especially in this age of science, progress and development but difficult to do away with man-made inequalities. It is indeed so true for how many of us would give away an opportunity to a less fortunate person and how many of us in the highest of positions and social standing would offer our seat to a less fortunate person? The crux of the matter remains in the fact that we need to wipe out and do away with practices of inequality and the evils that prevail and come along with it.

The mantle of goodness and piety must be worn by all especially the elders so as to set good examples for our younger ones. Today is the age of competition, a world where we have no time for one another, an era of selfishness and the survival of the fittest. Therefore it becomes even more essential for us to introspect on our behaviour and attitude towards life and people in and around us. At the end of the day, whether we are Khasi, Pnar, Bhoi, War or even Dkhar there is but one unifying factor and that is being human.

Yours etc.,

Jenniefer Dkhar,

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Home for the elite


Apropos to Paul Lyngdoh’s Assembly question regarding the misuse of Meghalaya Houses especially in New Delhi which is a fact, I have personally come across friends and relatives who had gone there a number of times for medical purposes. Each time they are told that some Tom,  Dick and Harry with connection to some VIP has booked the rooms or rather pre-booked them. The Meghalaya House at Vasant Vihar which was built to be made available to the common people of our state is another centre that occupies ‘ bureaucratic space’ for the son and daughters of officers. Tehn there is the controversy about the OSD Mr M. M. Purbey who has been a permanent fixture. What is the point of having this person when we already have the Principal Resident Commissioner and the Joint Resident Commissioner to assist him? Such people tend to become a liability rather than an asset. Another factor is the method of allotment of tenders by the PWD department at Meghalaya House New Delhi for repair, renovation work etc. Why is the same contractor by the name of Khurshid getting all the contract work? It is time to stem the rot. The GAD Department should initiate investigations into the function of the state guest house.

Yours etc…
Dominic S. Wankhar

Limestone ban flouted


Banning of limestone by the Hon’ble High Court has come as a blessing to the Mother Nature. But in some villages like Mawlong, Ichamati there are many violating the order, still many trucks are carrying limestone to dump at Beltoli near the gate of the B.S.F Camp near the fencing of the India – Bangladesh border with the intention of showing to the Forest Department that they have an old stock of limestone and to request the department to grant permission to export to Bangladesh. The reason for open violation of the order of the High Court is because no authority is taking the responsibility to check these violations and punish for defying the order of the Hon’ble High Court.

Yours etc.,

J Keniar Warjri Ichamati,



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