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Zenith’s wife, two non-tribals in list

Graft-tainted MDCs get Congress tickets

From Our Correspondent

TURA: The State Congress has released the names of its candidates for 28 GHADC seats, which go to the polls on October 12.
The wife of a Congress minister, two corruption-tainted MDCs and two non-tribals are among those lucky 28.
The candidate for Betasing constituency in South West Garo Hills district is yet to be announced.
The party ticket for Dengnakpara MDC constituency in West Garo Hills has been allotted to Mrs Sadhiarani M Sangma who happens to be the wife of Congress Sports and Youth Affairs minister Zenith M Sangma.
Another sitting MLA and parliamentary secretary hailing from the NCP has also managed to get his wife a Congress ticket. Mendipather MLA Marthon Sangma’s wife Jinggie D Shira is the Congress candidate for Damas constituency.
The list of family members making it to the party list does not end over there.
Mrs Christilla M Marak, wife of Admiral K Sangma, who happens to be NPP leader Purno A Sangma’s brother-in-law, has been given Congress ticket for Babelapara constituency.
So also, the nephew of power minister Clement Marak, Malcolm  M Sangma, has been declared the party candidate from Rochonpara constituency.
Two sitting MDCs of the party who were identified in RTI findings of having allegedly misappropriated several lakhs of rupees withdrawing funds from projects in the names of their family members without implementation of the work, were also rewarded with party tickets.
Wagesik MDC Freederson N Sangma, alias Gantong, and Silgra Marak of Barengapara constituency were cleared by the Congress to contest the polls from the party.
Throwing caution to the winds at a time when Garo pressure groups  have been raising a banner of protest against the participation of non-tribals in the upcoming GHADC elections, Congress is the first party to allocate tickets for non-tribal candidates to join the contest.
The party has cleared the names of Monirul Islam and Sader Hossain to contest the Balachanda and Shyamnagar constituencies, respectively.
A former parliamentary secretary and MLA, Ismail R Marak, who was defeated by P A Sangma’s son James K Sangma from Dadenggre in the 2013 assembly elections, has also been cleared by the Congress to contest the GHADC polls from Asanang constituency, near Tura. Sitting Jengjal MDC and GHADC chairman Purno K Sangma has also had his name cleared by the party for the upcoming contest.
For the prestigious Tura MDC seat, currently held by sitting Independent MLA John Leslee K Sangma, Congress has allotted the ticket to longtime party worker Dulal Ch Sangma.
Current GHADC Chief Executive Member (CEM) Alphonse A Sangma has also found a berth in the party list to contest the elections from his long time stronghold of Siju constituency.
The other candidates cleared by the party to contest are Jeshwell Ch Marak from Silkigre, sitting MDC Willy D Shira from Rongrikimgre, Olendro R Marak from Gasuapara, Minggen Ch Marak from Amongpara, Stevie M Marak from Boldamgre, Moppish R Marak from Nogorpara, Jogadish Ch Hajong from Zikzak, Septerwin R Sangma from Batabari, Joyson R Marak from Raksamgre, Dhormonath Sangma from Naguapara, Thomson N Marak from Rongrong, Jogonsing D Sangma from Bolsong, Smith Momin from Kharkutta, Lahitson M Sangma from Samandagre, Builthon N Sangma from Darugre and Sengbath Marak from Williamnagar.

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