Salman bats for Kashmir tourism

Terming Kashmir as the most beautiful place on the earth, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan said filmmakers were fools to shoot in Switzerland when they can get everything in the Valley.
“Kashmir is a beautiful place. I am in love with this place. We are fools that we go to Switzerland for shooting our films when we have everything here. There are so many places to explore here on films,” Salman told reporters here last evening.
The actor said more people should come to Kashmir be it for films shoot or for vacations.
“Be it for films, family vacations or honeymoon, people should visit this place. It is the most beautiful place on planet earth. The people are very gentle, well mannered, beautiful and simple. I enjoyed my stay here and Insha Allah (God willing) will again visit very soon.
“I request all that the way I came here, they should visit too. If you have not seen Kashmir, then you have not seen anything,” he said.
The actor said he wanted the tourism to grow in the Valley and that was the prime reason for shooting the film in Kashmir.
“I wanted to come here for ‘Dabangg’ also, but it did not materialize.”
“Our prime reason for shooting here was to promote tourism in the Valley.”
“We are here to invite the whole country, foreign countries to Kashmir, to come and see this beautiful place,” he said.(PTI)

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