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Apropos the article posted by retired IPS officer Mr. Prem Singh (DGP prisons) in these columns the writer have hit the nail on the head. He has cited the need for upgradation of our homeland security functioning style. Indeed there has to be a change of functioning from the conventional ways. Crime scenes and terrorist activities are moving way ahead than what we normally perceive; they are updated with the latest ICT means, intelligence and weaponry systems as stated by the former-cop. We cannot but agree that there has been an exponential rise in the use of technologies by the offenders to terrorize and disrupt the normal function of public situations.

Intelligent, professional and refined ways and means is the emphasis of this article with respect to our security service authorities. It is understandable that other developed countries have better ways and means for providing security services to the public. A question to introspect is whether our police services are lagging behind? The honest answer is ‘no’, we are not lagging behind but we are laid back, sticking to the conventional ways of functioning, following the old manual of investigation and for tracking criminal activities which undeniably take time.

Police personnel undergo tough training. No doubt training is important but to look into the present security scenario, training should be a complete modernized package. We have to go hundred steps ahead to understand the present crime scenarios. A point to be highlighted – as stated by the ex-cop is that role of the police must change from that of a ‘force’ to that of a ‘service.’ Hence basic values and norms must be inculcated in the police that would make them sensitive to the aspirations of the people and responsive to their needs and help them in serving the people better.

There are many aspects which Mr Prem Singh had mentioned ranging from training to the use of technologies etc. Recently as reported in The Shillong Times, the use of choppers is extremely beneficial in terms of deployment and logistics and of course their use would come up with modern specialized training.

I wish to emphasise on the use of technologies in the state homeland security and also inculcating them into specialized training. The recent implementation of CCTV in Shillong City is a great help to our security surveillance systems. It has already added an edge to tracking and handling criminal activities. To add to this is the inclusion of spatial and satellite surveillance technologies. Many developed countries have made GIS technology part and parcel of homeland security departments. Why GIS? The reason is that every activity is related to specific locations hence it provides a comprehensive view of the movement of criminals. By the use of satellite surveillance, imageries or tracking on real time, the locations of crime activity can be easily recorded and would further help in crime analysis.

GIS, spatial technology is coming in a big way in India as in the recent commitments and plans of our Government under our PM Narendra Modi, GIS will be one of the MISSION MODE PROJECTS (MMP) which is a part of the DIGITAL India programme. It is high time for our state leadership to open up to such developments which help to solve crime better. While we cannot escape the adversities ahead us but knowing, understanding, preparing and monitoring them ahead would be the best way.

Yours etc.,

Maitphang Syiem

GIS Technology Expert at MITS, IT Department

Govt of Meghalaya


Website needs updating

As an unemployed youth constantly on the look-out for work, I am left disenchanted whenever I sit on the internet to apply for a job. Some prominent departments of the Government of Meghalaya do advertise
different posts in local employment newspapers. And they request the reader to find detailed information- i.e the application form, rules, and method of payment of fees-on their websites. But sadly, when
one logs on, such particulars are not available in any of the links in them .I would appeal to the higher authorities of these offices(of which I would discreetly not mention)to please correct this as early as possible as it might mean duping, for in the first place, who knows, people might have been already appointed by false means.
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Willie Gordon Suting,
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