‘Busy’ officers did not find time for probe

Inquiry into destruction of medicines worth Rs 4 cr

SHILLONG: Believe it or not, some ‘busy’ Meghalaya officers did not find time to complete the inquiry report related to the destruction of medicines worth Rs.4 crore which was entrusted to them.
The Inquiry Officer and others entrusted with the probe informed Health Minister A.L. Hek that the probe could not be completed since they were ‘busy’ in the Assembly.
Incidentally, the State Government had given them sufficient time to complete the probe report of which was to be submitted to the government on Tuesday.
When contacted, Hek said that the officials have sought 15 days more to complete the probe.
“The file has not come to me and the matter will be decided only after putting up the file,” Hek said.
Meanwhile, speaking about the photograph in the media related to disposal of a truckload of expired medicines from the Shillong Civil Hospital on Friday last, the Minister said that the report in this regard will be submitted by the Dr. M. Borthakur, Superintendent”After I came to know about it I had called up the Superintendent of Civil Hospital, but he was not aware of the matter,” Hek said, adding that the report is expected to be submitted on Wednesday.
Meanwhile, Dr. Borthakur informed that he is heading an internal inquiry to find out details about disposal of the expired medicines. The inquiry will be completed in a couple of weeks, he added.

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