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Nongrum ready to seek fresh mandate

SHILLONG: The ruling coalition in KHADC – ARPA, which has been reduced to minority after nominated Congress MDC Gabriel Wahlang took oath on Friday, has threatened to resign en-masse if the State Government imposes administrative rule in the Council “succumbing to the pressure from Opposition alliance, PDF.”
“All the 15 MDCs of ARPA are ready to resign and seek a fresh mandate of the people if the State Government imposes. We all know that the present stalemate in the Council is due to the political conspiracy of the Congress party,” KHADC CEM Adelbert Nongrum said while speaking to newsmen here on Friday and maintaining that all the MDCs of ARPA are intact.
He said that the Congress has conspired to dislodge the present Executive Committee since they are ‘hungry for power’.
According to him, the Congress MDCs are so desperate to be in power and they managed to get the

Governor’s approval nominated MDC within few hours.

The KHADC CEM, however, pointed MDCs had never lobbied in this way concerning the overall interest of the Nongrum said they would have appreciated Congress MDCs if they had pressured the to approve the various important bills especially the Village Administration Bill.

He said, moreover, the State Government to act on the proposed amendment to but went ahead in appointing the nominated serve their political needs.

When asked the reason for the delay in forwarding the name of the nominated Government, Executive Member ( EM) PK Pangniang said,” We never really felt nominate a member since we had 17 members the coalition would be stable till two MDCs switched allegiance,” he said.

However, the CEM said the rule states council may submit its recommendation on member, but it does not specify that we need a stipulated time. ” At the session today, by surprise to see that strength of Opposition 14 to 15,” he said. Asked whether they or wait till the administrator’s rule is of three regional parties said that they take the matter to the people for their ” We want to take the decision of have to take an extreme decision on leader Pangniang said. UDP leader Teinwel however said that the matter would be taken high command. ” However, all the UDP to the people again,” he said. When step down as demanded by the Opposition KHADC CEM said that there was no so. ” We had defeated the no- confidence by the opposition. I would have gracefully if we had lost the no- confidence motion,” adding that present stalemate is a result politics played by the Congress.

and not on partisan committed to bring a member of the alliance can There is nothing like the PDF leader said, commitment to give the best EC.” years, the State will be anything in the next 30 state for the last 30 Meghalaya got the least the Chief Minister development project, lavish departments including taxation least one Government people for a ride.

said that even to get made up later.

Mawthoh on Friday financially sound because of look after itself and element of truth.

not reflective of the out the figures indicating states, he said.

when apparently we juggled up and calculations a different angle. ” charge Finance made a the Government had to also had to resort to and transport.

stated that due to the loss financial support from the Chief Minister that did we get a pittance development? Whether it is districts, payment of salaries basin development, exchequer”, he said development. The climate of Meghalaya, Mawthoh admitting that it was facing a swine flu has reached Responding to questions said, ” We have 21 planning to set up H1N1 provisions are being made Minor girl’s… ( Contd from P- 1) M Kharkrang said mortem report would tell if there was sexual It may be mentioned that one lady complaint at Mawlai police station that on accused had sexually assaulted the minor forest, Shillong.

Multi- level workforce… ( Contd from P- 3) ultimately be a game- our own people are willing to participate.” Other dignitaries who had attended Dr. Rajeev Singh, Director General, ICC, Secretary of Meghalaya, Ameising Luikham, North Eastern Council ( NEC).

Ton Sinh Thinh, Ambassador of Vietnam, Soe, Ambassador of Myanmar, Rukma Ambassador of Nepal, Syed Muazzem Commissioner of Bangladesh, Pooja Kapur, ASEAN ( ML Divison), Ministry of External Government of India were also present.

Dr. Jitendra K. Das, Director, OFRE Management was invited to address the theme session titled ” Empowerment for Inclusive Friday.

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