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Assam guv initiates campaign against rhino poaching

Guwahati: With frequent incidents of rhino poaching hogging headlines, Governor of Assam Padmanabha Balakrishna Acharya organized a meeting of intellectuals of representatives of prominent social organisations in Assam to mobilise strong public opinion for protection of the precious one-horned
The group of leading citizens after holding a discussion on the issue issued a public appeal for saving the rhino.
The discussion highlighted that Assam’s Special Security Force of 1200 personnel is constrained to successfully counter the poachers without any fear. Extra care should be taken to offer adequate support to counter these poachers.
“Residents along our wildlife sanctuaries should be the foremost protectors to prevent the poachers. The government should equip these 1st Line saviours and protectors to act against these poachers. The government must win their trust so that they can become more effective in the fight against the
poachers. Therefore, it is apparent that we should build up the inhabitants in the fringe of rhino protection  areas as the 1st line of defense and provide them with full support and security,” the discussion observed.
“Unfortunate as it may sound, do we also need to verify whether we have fifth columnists – those who are hand in glove with these nefarious criminals? Whatever be the case, we must all realize that it is our foremost responsibility to immediately and relentlessly nip in the bud the nefarious activities of the poachers with the trust of the people,” the discussion further highlighted.
The discussion was held at Raj Bhavan, Guwahati and attended by the representatives from the Axom Xahitya Xabha, Gauhati University, Vivekananda Kendra and Kamrup Mahanagar Zila Xahitya Xabha and other intellectuals.

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