Nongrum ready to apologize for any ‘disrespect to court’

SHILLONG: Reiterating that he had only raised objection against something that was detrimental to the interest of the indigenous people of the State, KHADC CEM Adelbert Nongrum on Friday expressed his willingness to apologize to the High Court of Meghalaya if the court feels that he had shown disrespect to the Judiciary.
“I am ready to apologize if some of the words I had used meant disrespect to the Judiciary. As a law abiding citizen I have always respected the Judiciary,” Nongrum said, while making it clear that he had no feeling of guilt in appearing before the court on January 27 since he had not committed any crime or offence.
“I have been summoned by the court because I had raised objection against something which I felt was against the interest of the indigenous people,” he said in a statement released here.
The KHADC Chief Executive member also appealed to his supporters to maintain calm during the day of the hearing and urged them not to react in a negative manner. “I will like the people to remain calm. I know there are many who are angry over this decision of the court which has compelled the district administration to impose Section 144 CrPC,” Nongrum said.
The KHADC CEM also maintained that on the day of the hearing he will speak the truth. He said that he was full of appreciation for the various organizations and the people who have rallied behind him “at a time when he has been passing through turbulent times”.

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