Congress escalates attack on govt through social media

New Delhi:Taking on government through social media, Congress has critici-sed it for “budget cuts” in different sectors, “dilution” of land bill and accused the NDA dispensation of doing “another U turn” on depo-siting cooking gas subsidy amount in consumers’ bank account.

The opposition party through its official twitter account attacked the deci-sions of various ministries by posting links of various new reports on its shadow committee hashtags created two months back.

“@HMOIndiaShadow: After Health and Agri Budget cuts, this Govern-ment is now cutting funds for Police Modernisation too ! “_Shadow @HRD-MinShadow: Nailing the lies of @HRDMinistry & of ‘Minimum Govt, Maximum Governance’: Why IIT can’t fly”, the party posted, criticising the government over reports that it plans to cut funds for police modernisation and its alleged role into IIT Delhi controversy.

In other tweets, the party attacked the appoint-ment of Shailesh Nayak as ad-hoc Chairman of ISRO and the recent Ordinance on land acquisition citing reports. “@ShadowMin-OfEA: Government appoi-nts geologist as ISRO chairman.

On the hashtag of law ministry, it questioned the “hasty changes in land law”. Congress, which believes that Modi’s media campaign blitzkrieg, was one of the contributory factors to the unprecedented drubbing of Congress in Lok Sabha polls, had taken steps to tone up its presence on the non-convention media ever since.

Shadow Cabinet committees were formed in November to keep a watch on decisions and policies of key ministries of the Modi government and corner it on issues during and after the Winter Session. The party attacked the government through these shadow cabinet throughout the winter session in November-December last year. (PTI)

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