Mukul for ‘war’against terrorists

Shillong: At a time when the Assam government is accused of adopting a “callous” approach towards terror by various political parties including BJP, Meghalaya Chief Minister Mukul Sangma feels that it is high time to wage a ‘war’ against perpetrators of terror.

“Why only wage war against terrorists from outside the country, we must wage war against even the domestic variety,” said Sangma while reacting to the December 23 Assam carnage in which over 80 lives.

Speaking over phone from Tura on Saturday, he said, “It is already late and thousands of precious lives have been lost to acts of brutality by such heinous criminals all over the country, we need to accept this reality and make good our mistakes by dealing with this menace once and for all before it is too late.”

Extending his sincere condolences to the bereaved families, Sangma said that it was high time to take action on the ground.

When sought his response as to who should be blamed, the Centre or the state government, the Chief Minister, however, refused to comment on that.

He however said, “It has always been the tendency to play the blame game. Personally I feel it is a collective responsibility and instead of blaming one another we should come together to take responsibility.”

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