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NGT ban a blessing!


While the NGT ban lingers for some time, it is obvious that this ban has come as a blessing in disguise to many especially when we were fed with daily stories of countless bloodshed, land grabbing, land conflicts etc. You name it and everything falls under the same umbrella. It is through this black diamond money that families have lost their loved ones, their livelihoods, their rights, equality and above all morality and respect. However we have to find some ways and means to regenerate the environment, chalk out plans for alternative livelihoods and businesses. But what is astonishing is for the Congress MP Vincent Pala to move two Bills in Parliament calling for a re-look and deliberation on the NGT order. And now he has come up with another propaganda on banning cow slaughter. It would be worthwhile, if he had pushed for protection of our people along the border areas, or for checking the influx of illegal migrants from Nepal, Bangladesh and elsewhere. Those would have been noble causes but it seems Pala is only bothered about appeasing a section of affluent mine owners who are actually playing into someone’s hands. Hope some political sense prevails at least with our MP.

Yours etc…

Dominic S.Wankhar


Wanted a positive outlook


I write to congratulate Dheera Bhowmick on her beautiful piece “In my city”(ST July13, 2014). It is rare to find such a positive reflection about Shillong. The words,’faith’, ‘honesty’, ‘courtesy’ etc. are all over the small write-up. They speak volumes. We need more such writers who will depict the greatness of Shillong or the Northeastern part of India and even look deeper into the roots of such positivity if we want to change India. We may lack material development but we are not devoid of transcendental devel-opment.

We have been fooled into a wrong approach to life by our elders since independence. When we see the attention given to Kerala nurses who returned from Iraq, do we realize that Khasi women had been in the forefront of nursing since the British period (some even just standard III or IV passed).But who delved into this area in writing? We only write and research about coal, land disputes, ten year olds fasting and bullets. We need to build a group of writers and researchers willing to commit some time into this.

Yours etc.,

Rasputin Bismarck manners


Of public toilets


Of late I have noticed a couple of public toilets beings constructed around Shillong. It is a great move by the Government as these are really required for the convenience of the people. But I wonder who planned these toilets? Are European style toilets really feasible in areas like Polo and such other places where people are not used to them? Why not the Indian style toilets which are feasible and perhaps more hygienic for use in India? I wonder if there will be an inauguration program for launching these toilets. I hope that whoever inaugurates the toilets also makes it a point or instruct the Great Toilet Planner (G.T.P) to use them once a week so that they will, at least, be properly maintained. Hope this is not another project to waste public money.

Yours etc.,

Sajon Ksiar Lyngdoh,

Sikkim Manipal University

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