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No violation of poll code, says Naik

SHILLONG: Varied explanations have emerged on the inauguration of a community hall and the golden jubilee of Ka Kur Soo Kpoh Khad-ar Wyrnai at Chilliangraij, Jowai, on Monday which indicated the violation of the model code of conduct.

While stating that the community hall was constructed by the fund contributed by members of the unit of Ka Kur Soo Kpoh Khad Ar Wyrnai to the tune of Rs. 47 lakh, President of the Soo-kpoh Khad-Ar Wyrnai clan, Dr. P Syngkon, added that the local MLA, Prof. RC Laloo has contributed Rs. 5 lakh from his MLA scheme in this regard.

Chapter VII, section b, of the model code of conduct under the headline “Party in power’ mentions that from time elections are announced by Commission, ministers and other authorities shall not (except civil servants) lay foundation stones of projects or schemes of any kind.” West Jaintia Hills Deputy Commissioner,PS Dkhar,who was also present on the occasion at Jowai gave a report to the Chief Electoral Officer P Naik, saying that there was no violation of model code of conduct.

Naik also maintained that there was no violation of model code of conduct as it was a private function.

Earlier, the chief of Soo-kpoh Khad-Ar Wyrnai clan said that that Robinus Syngkon did not come as legislator or parliamentary secretary of the Government of Meghalaya but as an elder member of the clan.

However, the name of Robinus Syngkon along with his designation as the Parliamentary Secretary in charge Horticulture Govt of Meghalaya together with the name of the West Jaintia Hills Deputy Commissioner PS Dkhar are inscribed on the memorial stone unveiled to mark the inauguration of both the Community Hall and the Golden Jubilee of Soo Kpoh Khad-Ar Wyrnai clan.

However, it was erroneously mentioned that former MP PR Kyndiah made contribution to the project.

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