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Congress likely to have an edge in JHADC election

JOWAI: As Jaintia Hills gears up to vote on Monday, indications are that Congress may have an edge in the election to the 29-member Jaintia Hills Autonomous District Council (JHADC).

Election analysts are of the opinion that the Congress is likely to retain power in the JHADC with a win in 17 seats out of the 29 seats which are going to polls on Monday. Independent candidates are likely to emerge winners in seven seats while the principal Opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) will win five seats.

The Congress has fielded its candidates in all the 29 seats where as UDP is contesting 16 candidates. As many as 35 Independents are in the fray.

In East Jaintia Hills Congress is likely to win six seats, while the UDP and an Independent candidate are likely to win one seat each, the analysts observed, adding that there is every likelihood of the UDP remaining winless in East Jaintia Hills.

A constituency wise analysis:

In 1- War East, sitting MLA, Stephanson Mukhim and former JHADC CEM, Lamdibok Sumber (INC) will battle it out closely followed by UDP candidate, Medling Swer and Latsing Lakuna (Ind).

In 2- War Central – sitting MDC, Holando Lamin and former MLA, RL Tariang , both residents of Nongtalang village, look set for a dual contest.

In 3-War-West too, the contest seems mainly between two candidates– INC candidate, Herman Khonglah and Independent candidate, Het Pohtmi. Pohtmi is supported by the Dorbar Pyllun Padubah apart from the sitting MLA, Stephanson Mukhim. Both the candidates are new to politics.

In-4 Sohmynting -Khliehtyrshi, scam tainted JHADC chief, MB Rymbai (INC) will fight it out against his cousin Lakhon Dkhar (UDP) who took his father Sahneh Rymbai’s place in politics. Political observers have predicted a close contest.

In 5-Mukhla-Waiajer, Congress candidate, Hermon Phawa is likely to have an advantage over his opponents since the entire village along with the local MLA, Sniawbhalang Dhar, who is also from the same village, is backing him. Phawa’s contenders are sitting MDC Sunday Morning Suna and Raymond Suna both from Mukhla.

In 6-Ummulong-Moodymmai, sitting MDC, Laitsing Shylla is up for a tough battle against Independent candidate Turoilang Laloo. Shylla is supported by Ummulong Dorbar Shnong whereas Moodymmai Dorbar Shnong has rallied behind Turoilang. Former MDC, Marbood Kyndiah (HSPDP) is another contestant from the area and nothing can be ruled out until the results are declared.

7-Nangbah which witnessed a close contest in the 2009 elections is set for a repeat if political observers are to be believed. Former MDC, Shemhok Garod (UDP) lost by six votes to sitting MDC Celius Biam (INC) in the last election. Both Biam and Garod are in for a close contest with the latter seemingly in a slightly advantageous position.

In 8-Nartiang-Umladang, sitting MDC Thombor Shiwat (INC) is likely to retain the advantage even as two other candidates– Head Symblai (HSPDP) and Moina Singh Phyllut (NCP)– from Nartiang village look to make amends this time round.

9-Nongjngi with five candidates is likely to witness a triangular contest between retired PWD employee, Bijoy Niang (INC), former sub-inspector Suk Shylla (IND) and Lio Syntem (Ind). Former MLA, HB Dan (HSPDP) and Rivibal Swer (IND) are the other candidates in the constituency.

In 10-Myngsngat -Khanduli, debutant Pheinshwa Nanglein (INC) will be challenged by Mirson Sympli (IND) and Romeo Ksoo (UDP). Nanglein, as expected, enjoys the support of the local Congress MLA and party workers from the area. Both Sympli and Ksoo lost in the 2009 polls.

In 11-Shilliang Myntang, sitting MDC, Brington Shylla is engaged in a triangular battle with Ruda-Yoo Tang (Ind) and HSPDP candidate, Lakhon P. Sungoh – a retired government officer (S&W Conservation). Billing Kya, Khamshngain Shylla both Independent candidates and Ojanris Rabon of the NCP are the other candidates. Shylla and Sungoh are from Thangrain village.

In 12-Borato-Mukroh all Independent candidates including sitting MDC, Rio Sten of Mukroh, former MDC, Hillarius Dkhar of Borato, former JSU Chief, Callingson Laloo and Currentis Rabon are up against local MLA Sniawbhalang Dhar’s relative Paia Dhar of Wahiajer. Sten and Paia are supposedly set for a dual contest in the constituency.

In 13-Saphai, UDP candidate Chanki Lyngdoh (UDP) will fight it out with sitting MDC, Bhawan Chyrmang (INC). UDP leaders in the District are already claiming victory in the area.

In 14-Mowkaiaw which was represented by late Qually Suiam for five consecutive terms, three first timers– Winning Garland Sungoh (INC), Laiwanmi Lamare (Ind) and Pyndapwanmi Shadap (UDP)– are set for a triangular contest. Political observers feel that the INC candidate is in a slightly better position.

15-Raliang, Priskus Sutnga (INC) will fight it out against Newanly Lamare (IND), a sitting Congress MDC, who was not given the party ticket. Other candidates in fray are T.Zaranga Dkhar (UDP), who lost the election in 2009 when he contested from the NCP, ex-MDC Bisonroy Iano (Ind), Wantipsngi Rabon (NCP) and Constantine Langstang (HSPDP).

Supported by the local MLA, sitting MDC, Kilometer Lyttan (INC) is set for a tough battle against former Rangbah Shnong of Shangpung Pohshnong, Biangshwa Shylla in 16- Shangpung.

17 -Jowai North will witness a straight fight between a young lawyer, Marki Mulieh (UDP) and sitting MDC JU Nongrum (INC). Nongrum has been elected for two consecutive terms in the constituency.

In 18-Jowai -Central, Congress candidate Andrew Chullai who is a new entrant to the political arena will have a tough battle against former MDC, Philemon Lyngdoh (Ind). Kitboklang Nongtdu (UDP) is also fighting for the seat.

19-Jowai-South will also witness a dual contest between sitting MDCs Moonlight Pariat (UDP) and Dunno Nongpluh (INC). Pariat has been elected for three consecutive terms in constituency, twice as a Congress candidate and once as an NCP candidate.

In 20-Muthlong-Sohkymphor, Shembok Suchiang (Ind) will sweat it out against the sitting MDC. Rangbah Shnong of Jalyiah village, Harvis Phawa (Ind) is also in fray.

In the 21-Tuber constituency, sitting MDC Obil Kyndait (Independent) is facing a tough battle against Helping Phawa (Congress) and two Independent candidates – Laski Rymbai and Wanthmu Phawa.

As per the assessment, Helping Phawa, a former MDC, has the best chance of winning the election. Phawa has already indicated that the biggest challenge is likely to come from Laski Rymbai.

In 22-Musngaid Rangad, Phasmon Dkhar, an Independent candidate supported by the Wapungskur village Dorbar is likely to emerge victorious, albeit with a slender margin, against the likes of sitting MDC Amos Dkhar (UDP).

In 23- Rymbai-Khliehriat, it is a straight fight between former JHADC Chief Hambertus Nongtdu (Congress) against a woman contender Violet Lyngdoh (UDP). Lyngdoh who left her teaching job and joined politics is hoping to stage an upset. The analysts feel that Rymbai village with a total of 4801 votes will decide the fate of the candidates in the constituency.

In 24-Sutnga-Narwan, Congress candidate Hopingstone Bareh seems the probable winner against sitting MDC Seiborlang Shadap (Independent).

In 25-Sutnga Nongkhlieh, sitting Sumer MDC Richardsing Lyngdoh, who is now contesting from Sutnga Nongkhlieh, will have to fight it out against Michael Nongtdu (Congress). Political observers said that Richard may get elected but with a low margin.

In 26-Sumer, nominated JHADC member Phillip Tangliang is facing a strong battle against Lingson Langstang (Independent). Observers felt that Tangliang is the stronger to the two contenders from the constituency which has another candidate Begin Paslein, an Independent.

In 27-Saipung, Arborhima Darnei (Congress) is likely to retain his seat by defeating Leikung Lawma (UDP) and two Independent candidates – Lalwilliam Thiate and Zosiama Thanglia.

28-Narpuh is witnessing a triangular fight between sitting MDC Mongul Singh Tyngkra (Independent), Desous Pohshna (Congress) and former MDC Arwot Lamare (Independent). However, the analysts are of the opinion that the Congress candidate may win the seat.

A straight fight is also likely in 29-Bataw-Lakadong where UDP candidate Sanky Shangpung is engaged in a neck-to-neck fight against Congress candidate Joinriwel Pyrtuh.

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