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Unequal distribution of voters in KHADC, JHADC

SHILLONG: There is less number of voters in several urban constituencies under KHADC.

This unequal distribution of voters in several constituencies indicates faulty delimitation process as population structure should have been made equal in constituencies.

While Laban-Mawprem, the smallest district council constituency has just 10,768 voters ( 4581 male and 6187 female), Saipung under JHADC has just 4539 voters (2339 male and 2200 female).

While Mawkhar-Pynthorumkhrah constituency has 15280 voters, Jaiaw has 16,109.

Shella has 14393 voters, Sohra ( 17452), Mawphlang-Diengiei (19,275 )and Nongkrem (18432).

The rest of the KHADC constituencies have more than 20,000 voters.

Only three constituencies have more than 30,000 voters, Mawlai (36885), Mairang-Nongkhlaw(32043) and Pariong-Mawthadraishan (30066). Mawlai has the highest number of voters.

Under JHADC, while Saipung with just 4539 voters is smallest constituency in terms of voters’ strength, Bataw- Lakadong has 5106 voters and Sumer (5242).

The biggest constituency under JHADC is Rymbai-Khliehriat with 11934 voters, Jowai- South stands next with 10136 voters. While Jowai-Central has just 6921 voters and Jowai-North has 8337 voters.

Constituencies at a glance

lSmallest in KHADC: Laban-Maprem( 10,768 voters)
lSmallest in JHADC: Saipung
(4539 voters)
lBiggest in KHADC: Mawlai
(36885 voters)
lBiggest in JHADC:  Rymbai-Khliehriat (11934 voters)
lTotal voters in KHADC: 6,68,3,98
lTotal voters in JHADC: 2,092,17

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