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The need to reason it out

Editor, First and foremost let me express my happiness and gratitude to Rev Lyndan Syiem for his extremely thought provoking article “Dealing with Obstinate World Views” Sept 5th 2013. Rev Lyndan took off from the concluding remarks made at the Price of Superstition Conclave where one of the suggestions was on the urgent need for mass awareness campaigns on the menace of U Thlen. [Full Article...]

Power of social media

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and a host of others are meant to connect people along certain shared interests, political ideas and philosophies. Some use these sites to post personal information including high points and eventful moments of their lives. Others use these sites to share their politics and also get enlightened by others who are more deeply acquainted with certain issues. Since [Full Article...]

UDP, HNLC, NGOs on ILP bus…what about the People?

By Patricia Mukhim The Inner Line Permit (ILP) debate appears to have strained our civic discourse, hopefully not to breaking point. Those who do not believe in its efficacy are now termed as the insignificant others whose voices and choices can be appropriated and consolidated. Alternatively they will be demonized as unpatriotic Khasi upstarts. But is this the right stance? Perhaps it is important [Full Article...]

Telangana triggers statehood demands in northeast

By Sanchet Barua The Manmohan Singh government’s decision to carve Telangana out of Andhra Pradesh has given fresh impetus to statehood demands across India but nowhere has the effect been more divisive than in eastern India. At least four ethnic groups have begun to press their claims for separate sates to be carved out of Assam. The Bodos, the Karbi, Dimasas and Koch-Rajbongshis are [Full Article...]

ILP deadlock continues

ILP deadlock continues By Our Reporter   SHILLONG: With the Congress-led MUA -II government remaining firm on its stand against the implementation of the Inner Line Permit (ILP) for tackling the problem of influx of illegal migrants, the much-awaited all-party meeting on the crucial issue ended on a stalemate on Thursday. Much to the dislike of parties like UDP, NPP and KHNAM, Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma [Full Article...]

Arson marks 2nd night of road blockade

Arson marks 2nd night  of road blockade By Our Reporter  SHILLONG: Cases of arson continued in the State on Thursday with miscreants hurling a petrol bomb inside the office of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Department at Mawryngkneng at around 5 am as road blockade called by 10 pressure groups demanding introduction of ILP entered second night. A computer, refrigerator and office furniture were damaged in the incident. Police also recovered an [Full Article...]

Laloo says door for talks open

By Our Reporter  SHILLONG: While hundreds were out on the streets, agitating against the alleged adamant attitude of the Education Minister in dealing with their demands, the man in question, Prof RC Laloo tried to pacify the teachers by “opening his door for talks.” Addressing an official function organized to mark Teachers’ Day here on Thursday, Prof Laloo said, “Door is always open to [Full Article...]

Awardee airs grievances

By Our Reporter  SHILLONG: In was an uneasy moment for the dignitaries present at the function organized to celebrate Teachers’ Day here when a recipient of the district award lamented the plight of the teachers who have been driven to the extent of boycotting an occasion meant solely for them. K Kharkongor, the Principal of Laban Presbyterian Higher Secondary School, expressed concern over the [Full Article...]