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Death of animals worrying Zoo authorites

Mysore: The centaury-old Mysore Zoo, which has been attracting attention for various reasons, is in the limelight for a different reason now what with 38 animals reported dead since April this year.

The total percentage of deaths as on November 30 rose to 2.7 per cent.

However, there is significant improvement in the health management system of the animals in this zoo, according to officials.

They told UNI that of the 38 animals, 11 died because of diseases. The remaining died either of old age and injuries or other causes. Only one animal died due to stress, according to statistics provided by the zoo authorities.

The total number of animals had gone up in the last five years from 1,052 in 2007-08 to 1,393 in 2012-13.

Animals do die naturally. Death of young ones is very high in animals.

Even in case of human being infant mortality is 5-6% with in spit of medical advances. The famous Smithsonian National Zoological Park, Washington, USA reports an annual mortality rate varying from 6.5 to 10 pc, they said.

According to the Zoo Executive Director, B P Ravi, said regular procedures and protocol had been put in place to constantly improve the animal health management system.

The death of animals in zoos always attracts attention. The debate always ends up in the general conclusion that zoos lack experience in handling animals which are stressed, lack proper veterinary care and sometimes due to foul play and lack of coordination between various sections of the zoo personnel.

‘We feel that this matter needs better understanding and appreciation, he said.

The zoo management always tries to keep public informed about deaths, births and new arrivals apart from any happening, the excutive director said.

In Indian zoos, new births are not taken into inventory unless they complete two months their life.

This is also true with any animals received as rescued.

However all deaths in Zoo, will be reported as deaths of zoo animals. Recently Mysore Zoo received three rescued tigers from Nagarahole Tiger Reserve, out of which one died due to old age (probably 14 years) and starvation, one named Madesh successfully treated and sent to rescue center at Banneraghatta and another(female aged 6 years) was successfully released in to the same habitat after treatment. (PTI)

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