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Seam of survival

Seam of survival They say that every picture tells a story and the photographs of miners taken by Bruce Letwin in the Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya do just that, says Janet Moore in her tribute to the people   I wonder if… they ever look up at the distant patch of sky That cloudy mist of marble that soon slips out of sight? I wonder if…the echoes [Full Article...]

Royal recall

Royal recall  Kirit Pradyut Deb Barman Manikya Bahadur, head of the Tripura royal family, speaks about his dynasty and its Shillong link with RR   KIRIT PRADYUT Deb Barman Manikya Bahadur, also known as Maharaja PBK Manikya, heads the Tripura royal dynasty that was close to Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore and now strikes a balance with the Left Front government in that state.       After the [Full Article...]

Leisurely in Lansdowne

Leisurely in Lansdowne Sudhamahi Regunathan on a place with cool winds associated with a warrior queen  THIS IS a call for you to pack your bags, jump into the car and head towards National Highway (NH) 58 that will take you away from Delhi to a place that can definitely be called a little piece of paradise on earth!      Deep in the Pauri Garhwal hills of [Full Article...]


Culture change needed to avert disaster risk   A CULTURE change is needed if the benefits of development, such as new jobs and hospitals, are not to be destroyed in future natural disasters, according to a report released today in London. The report, ‘Reducing Risks of Future Disasters: Priorities for Decision Makers’, published by the UK government, calls on all development stakeholders — including aid [Full Article...]

Legal aid online

UK-based lawyer Shireen Irani povides free legal service on the web, says Paromita Pain  I-PROBONO, an online non-profit volunteer-driven legal portal, helps lawyers volunteer their time for projects around the world needing legal assistance. Established in 2009, it serves to connect those needing free legal help and legal professionals willing to devote their time and expertise. It came about when Shireen Irani, a UK-based [Full Article...]

Essentially Kashi

In Varanasi, Syeda Hameed and Gunjan Veda meet a musical maestro and have other encounters  THERE IS an abundance of cultural and creative wealth in Varanasi situated on the banks of the river Ganges. And yet, embedded in it, there is decay and squalor. Where the narrow alleys of the ancient town can lead into the home of shenai maestro, the late Ustad Bismillah [Full Article...]

Back and bruised

What happens when US women war veterans come home, asks Elayne Clift  IT DIDN’T take long for Jenny McClendon, a sonar operator with the US Navy, to experience sexual harassment when she joined the US armed forces in 1997. Immediately subjected to verbal attacks by her male counterparts when she refused sexual advances, she was told she wasn’t “tough enough to be in the [Full Article...]


RAINBOW 1.  Drishti De, Class 9, Sherwood School, Tura 2.  Anshruta Nag, Class ?, Euro School, Tura 3.  Richborn Diviny Ora, Class 1, Pearly Dew Secondary School 4.  Madhurima Mukherjee, Class 4, Carmel Primary School, Kolkata 5.  Saptarshi Chakravarty, Class 9A, St Edmund’s School 6.  Semantika Nandi Mazumder, Class 1, Pine Mount School 7.  Chelsea M Momin, Class 3A, Seven Set School 8.  Sargam Datta, [Full Article...]