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Kolkata Meghalaya House


Apropos “Affairs of Kolkata Meghalaya House” (Letters to the Editor, 15th September, 2012) by John Sangma, Hawakhana, Tura, we the undersigned staff of Meghalaya House, Kolkata would like to clarify that the charges made by John Sangma are totally baseless and false. We are shocked to learn from Mr Sangma that the staff of Meghalaya House, Kolkata are frustrated with the administration and is controlled by a Junior LOA. First and foremost, we would like to clarify to Sangma that all the staff of Meghalaya House are one family and every staff from the sweeper to cleaner is part and parcel of the family. All of them have a role in running the day to day affairs of Meghalaya House, Kolkata.

It is a fact that the present Trade Adviser & Director of Movements, Mr HM Shangpliang is also holding charge of Social Welfare & IPR Departments. But this has not hampered or affected the administration and day to day functioning of Meghalaya House, Kolkata. Rather, Meghalaya House, Kolkata has improved significantly in terms of facilities and amenities during the tenure of HM Shangpliang as the Trade Adviser & Director of Movements.

It is surprising to note that the name of John Sangma does not appear in the accommodation records of Meghalaya House, Kolkata from the past two years. We would have appreciated it better if Mr. Sangma had highlighted or suggested ideas for improvement of accommodation or if he had commented about the conditions of the rooms in Meghalaya House, which itself proves that John Sangma had never visited or stayed in Meghalaya House, Kolkata. Therefore, we fail to understand, why he is more interested in the administrative functioning of Meghalaya House, Kolkata rather than the conditions of the services, etc.

We are proud to state that each and every visitor to Meghalaya House, Kolkata has acknowledged that it is the most well maintained House and the staff are very cordial. We request Mr. Sangma not to jump to any conclusions without knowing the facts. However, we will appreciate any concrete suggestions on ways to improve the services in Meghalaya House, Kolkata in order to make it a “home away from home” as he had quoted.

Yours etc.,

Staff of Meghalaya House, Kolkata.

Wrong allegation


In the Letter to the Editor (4th October, 2012) in your newspaper by Babet Syiem it is mentioned that New Life Church houses itself in one of the buildings of St. Edmund’s College run by the Christian Brothers.” Allow me to inform you that at present there is no such organisation as New Life Church being run in or from St. Edmund’s College hence, the information is wrong. We request Babet Sten to verify facts before publishing any such letter in future.

Yours etc,

Sylvanus Lamare,


St Edmunds College


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