NOC for cook mine factory opposed

From Our Correspondent

 NONGSTOIN: People of Mawthadraishan Block in West Khasi Hills district have opposed the district administration’s decision to issue ‘no objection certificate’ (NOC) to set up cook mine factory at Madan Riewblei.

A public meeting was held recently here where people voiced their opposition to the administration’s decision.

The meeting, convened by the Synjuk Nongsynshar Shnong of Umiap area, was attended by members of FKJGP, West Khasi Hills Students’ Union (WKHSU) and Senglongkmie, Headman of the area.

Local people felt that once the factory is set up, it would lead to contamination of water of Umiap River. The people of the area depend on the Umiap river for day-today activities, fishing and agriculture.

It will also affect the crops of the nearby paddy field, which is among the largest paddy filed in the area, upon which the entire village depends for its livelihood.

In his speech, the president of WKHSU Mawthadraishan Circle S Kharbani said the setting up of this factory would lead to infiltration of outsiders.

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