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Now an Ali Baba with 61 thieves

After the rumours of

a three-headed

snake that surfaced in Mawiong, another rumour which is doing the rounds in many areas of the city is about a group of sixty one thieves who come to business when the city submits to darkness once the load shedding starts late at night.

Many people have been heard discussing the mystery of the sixty one thieves and in a bid to to protect themselves, residents in Jhalupara, Mawbah and Lumdiengjri are keeping themselves awake late at night to keep “the mysterious Ali Baba and his followers at bay”.

It may be mentioned that the number of attempted theft cases has been on the rise following the Government order for the load shedding and the same has given rise to many-a-rumour of late.

However, if one goes by the residents of these areas, the reports, even if rumours, cannot be taken lightly. A resident of Lumdiengjri said,”On Wednesday morning at around 4 am some thieves were peeping in my house with a torch light. I was lucky enough to be awake and immediately shouted to flee them,” The residents are now praying that the load shedding would soon be over so that they can have a peaceful sleep without any fear of being robbed by the so-called ‘group of sixty one thieves’. (Aafaque Hussain).

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