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Pedestrian’s nightmare in Khyndailad

Pedestrian’s nightmare in Khyndailad The Khyndailad Beautification Project initiated by the State Government has been delayed for reasons best known to the authorities. The thoroughfare is now a pedestrian’s nightmare with potholes and construction materials dotting the entire stretch, making it difficult to walk. However, roadside vendors have taken this ‘blessing in disguise’ and have set up their stalls bang in the middle of the thoroughfare. One wonders [Full Article...]

Metal fence uprooted by miscreants

Metal fence uprooted by miscreants A railing along the footpath in front of the Old Assembly complex at Khyndailad is uprooted with some of the vertical rods found missing.  (Photo by Sanjib Bhattacharjee)

Children of Lesser Gods

Children of Lesser Gods Two rag pickers take time out for a siesta outside the Bata store in GS Road. These children are mainly seen in Police Bazar area where there are a large number of commercial establishments. Curiously NGOs in the State working for upliftment of street children or in the field of child welfare have overlooked these rag pickers so far. (Photo by Rajib Roy)

Motphran Junction choking; Pedestrians want footbridge

Motphran point is considered to be one of the most active junctions in Shillong city with a large number of people and vehicles passing through the junction every minute. The junction is strategically located near Iewduh, one of the biggest markets in North East India and is also the gateway to several localities like Mawkhar, Jaiaw, Umshohsun and Quallapatty. Vehicles from every nook and [Full Article...]

Traffic woes for residents of Bishnupur, Last Stop junctions

The narrow and small roads of Bishnupur locality have not expanded over the years but congestion — both due to traffic and public movement — at the small junction has increased largely over the past years. Shillong town is witnessing a population boom and the small and narrow roads of the city, which was once its highlight, are now posing serious challenges to bear [Full Article...]

Parents fume over odd timings, non availability of school buses

Schools should follow uniform timings: Parents With the academic session com mencing in schools, parents are a worried lot particularly about the school timings and availability of school buses. They say that the school timings are set early in the morning and students don’t even get enough time for breakfast or to catch their school buses which puts great hardship on them. A mother [Full Article...]

Exams knocking, students under lot of stress

Examination fever has gripped the city with various academic examinations underway from mid February onwards. Students all over the city are busy preparing for their respective examinations and the busiest are those students who will be appearing for their upcoming SSLC and HSSLC examinations. A student from a city-based school said that SSLC is the first major examination in a student’s life. “This is [Full Article...]

Soccer legend Sailen Manna no more

Soccer legend Sailen Manna no more Kolkata: Indian soccer legend Sailendra Nath Manna, popularly known as Sailen Manna, died at a private hospital here Monday due to old age complications. He was 87, and leaves behind his wife and daughter, family sources said. Gentleman footballer Manna, who was ailing for quite some time, was admitted to the AMRI Hospital, Salt Lake, around 11 p.m. Sunday. The end came about two [Full Article...]