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Duo brings out first animation film from North-East

GUWAHATI: Two youths Axl Hazarika and Ryan Hazarika have recently released an animation short film which turned out to be the first ever animation film from northeast officially certified and censored by Central Board of Film Certification, India.

The duo are independent artists who went on to bring out an animated music video-short film ‘Hum Badal Gaye’ (We have changed).

Axl Hazarika, the music composer along with the help of the director Ryan Hazarika brought out the first-ever musical attempt to produce a beautiful amalgamation of music with animation from the musically bounteous region.

The storyline of the video, which focuses on the friendship between a boy and a cat, throws light on the noble cause of affection towards the innocent animals who often fall prey to several human atrocities.

The effort hopes to inculcate a more altruistic approach towards animals.

It is also in dedication to the unprivileged kids of our society who miss the opportunity to experience the essence of such relationships in their lives.

In a hope to reach out to a bigger market, we decided to compose a Hindi song for the animation video.

The video has been the outcome of a year-long hard work of the creative duo.

The promo of the video is already out on Youtube and Facebook.

The global audio release will be on February 14.

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