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Heroes fear not!!!


From tales of old, be it in history or fantasy, to the modern day Cape Crusaders and Superheroes featured in comic books, we are reminded of the fact that when people are suffering and exploited and when they give out a cry, heroes, much desired and needed, emerge and come to the people’s rescue. In the real world seldom are people’s cries heard but when they are heard sighs of relief and contentment fills the air. In line with this fact, I write to bring to the readers’ attention that an act of this present government, with due regard to the efforts of the other governments (if any), the much needed and desired Shillong Public Transport Service, a service for the common man has become a reality. All those who value time and those annoyed by the continuous arrogance and extortive nature of the cabbies in the State, particularly those in the city and sub-urban areas, have welcomed the much awaited State Run Bus Services, which has to a great extent contributed to making daily business and commute less tiresome, tense and rough on the wallet.

However, it is to be noted that certain sections of the society, composed of some (hope not all) taxi owners and drivers, have greeted the much favoured developments with unfriendly sneers. No one can stop anyone from having opinions. We live in a free country and are free to have an express our opinions, but in certain instances and parts of the city, the unfriendly welcome has taken shape in the form of pelting of rotten vegetables, blocking the path of the busses and other acts of barbarism, which are nothing but a display of the annoyance to the fact that the cabbies can no longer extort and hold the citizens in ransom. It is a dismal fact for the cabbies that their hold over the people is dwindling and that the chain of dependency of the people on them is breaking.

It should be noted that whether it be in the history books, the stories of old or the modern day comics, heroes who emerged as a reaction to oppression and exploitation in the land do have a great foe in the oppressors, who see the heroes as a meddling force in their selfish schemes. The support, love, encouragement and the hope people have on the heroes has always driven the heroes forward. In like manner, the Public Bus Service and the Servicemen need not fear the hurdles but keep on dong what is to be done, knowing fully well that they have the people behind them.

Yours etc.,

L. Kyndiah,

Liberated Common Commuter

 Govt. should implement mining policy


In the recent newspaper reports it was stated that mine owners (Coal and Limestone) are still opposing the contents of the Mining Policy. This has come up as a surprise to me because the government has called several meetings with various organizations to air their views and opinions regarding the Policy, which, I believe is a fair and democratic process.

Undoubtedly the views and opinions of the miners have to be rejected as the consequences of the rampant un-regularized mining are right before our eyes unless we are blind. The state government has to make the policy in accordance with the National Laws relating to the subject of Mining which is applicable in the State which is under the Sixth Schedule. The very policy is the only lifeline for our survival, because everywhere we go especially in the coal belt areas we’d hear people saying “Um tae um tang Ym ioh u Dih” which means there’s water but its not potable water.

There’s a need to have the policy in place and have it implemented at the earliest. If we don’t then we’ll be regretting it forever and yes what if the National Laws on mining are implemented here? I request, the Minister for Mining and Geology, Mr Bindo Lanong to put the policy in place at the earliest. If some individuals says these laws are not applicable here then they should ask the President Of India to issue such notification exempting the state from such laws.

Yours etc,

Kitbok Chyrmang

Jaintia Hills



The demands of the mine owners under the Joint Forum on Mining Policy should be considered, only if they fix the damage done by them to the environment. Otherwise it will be like giving thieves the keys to our homes. They should understand that their action does not come without responsibility and consequences. Now that they are out in the open in the form of their forum, the Government should take them to task and charge them with the responsibility of cleaning up the mess they have left behind.

From the recent newspaper reports it would seem the Government is cowering to the demands of the Joint Forum on Mining Policy. The Government should forge ahead and put strict monitoring mechanisms and follow mining and environmental legislations to the letter.

For those who are fortunate enough not to see the merciless rape of our land, the issue of mining might seem insignificant, but just a glance of the mining areas of Meghalaya will shock even the worst cynic. I appeal to the conscience of everyone in the state to support the regulation of mining in Meghalaya by writing to our Mining Minister or appealing to him in this space of the Shillong Times.

Yours etc.

D. Lhuid


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